Health is Wealth! 7 Ways a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant can Stay Healthy

nurse aide taking blood pressure

Eat healthy

Another area where the CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant fails miserably is maintaining a healthy diet. Some forget to eat because they’re too busy, while others end up relying on vending machine snacks and fast food to get them through the day. Proper nutrition is crucial if you want to do your best as a nursing aide so do what you can to fuel your body with the good stuff.

Hydrate yourself

While coffee can help keep the energy up for many nursing assistants who work long all-nighters, it should never take the place of water. Make it a point to hydrate yourself with good old water throughout the day. If you want a little pizzazz, you can try infusing your water with lemon and cucumber.

Go to the gym

Even if CNAs are on their feet for most of their shifts, going to the gym every week can do wonders in maintaining weight and building muscle. Plus, the endorphins that your body produces during exercise can relieve you of anxiety and stress.

Make time for relaxation

And speaking of stress relief, CNAs also need to take time out to relax. Whether it’s a day at the spa, 20 minutes of uninterrupted meditation, or a night out with friends, CNAs need to set aside time from their busy schedules to decompress. Making time for relaxation can make a world of a difference in your well being.

Get checked regularly

Even if CNAs work with doctors a lot, most of them still can’t find time to get checked by their own doctors. As a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant, you know that prevention is always better than a cure and the only way that you can avoid any serious illnesses and dental problems down the road is to go to your doctor and dentist regularly.

Step out for fresh air as often as you can

All humans need sunshine and fresh air to survive so even if you’re running on a tight shift, be sure to step out for sunlight and fresh air every chance you get. Not only will it give you your daily dose of vitamin D, but a quick walk can help you cope better with stress.